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Hosting a student from another country provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about, understand, and experience another culture, providing benefits for the whole family. Lifelong friendships are formed, and host families have the opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Living arrangements are a tremendous source of learning, understanding, and exposure to local culture, as well as opportunities for new, different, and exciting experiences.

Host families provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment. The student will have a separate bedroom with a bed, desk, and closet, and families provide at least 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner). Students can get to and from school by walking, bus, public transportation, or by being driven by a host parent. Global School Access offers a competitive monthly stipend to cover the costs of food and transportation.

After receiving your application and identifying a student who would be the right fit, GSA will visit your home to meet with you and provide an orientation regarding the program. A criminal background check would be performed. Information on your family along with some pictures would be sent to the Chinese family, while information regarding the student and photos would be sent to you.

Families apply to host for a school year, and may decide to host for additional years. Students are in high school and are ages 14-18.

GSA stays in contact with our students, host families, and schools to ensure this is a rewarding experience for all parties, and provides ongoing support and guidance. Periodic visits at the host family’s convenience take place to help support the program.

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