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Why U.S. Education?

Today’s global society demands a well-rounded and well-educated citizen. Experiencing other cultures while understanding the importance of global citizenship leads to greater understanding, strong and lasting relationships, and future success.

Students are well prepared to apply to excellent colleges and universities during the years they are working with GSA and attending GSA schools. The academic environment at our partner schools promotes leadership, creativity, self-confidence, collaboration and team-building, and innovation, all critical elements to success and important when colleges make decisions regarding acceptance. Schools also offer many extracurricular activities including clubs and sports, allowing students to pursue their interests and passions.

51% of the top 100 colleges/universities in the world are in the U.S., as well as 15 of the top 17 and 33 of the top 50, according to ShanghaiRanking Consultancy's 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

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Why Host a Student?

Hosting an international student can help that student succeed and reach their goals and dreams. Welcoming a student into your home provides a caring and supportive environment, and helps the student transition to a new country, culture, and education system.

Your family receives a wonderful opportunity to learn about another country and culture, as well as their traditions and some basic language skills. Lifelong friendships may result, and the school and community benefit from greater diversity and understanding.

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