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Global School Access partners with schools in China to bring students to the U.S. for summer and winter camps. These two- to four-week camps provide opportunities for Chinese students to experience life in America, learn about American culture, improve their English-language skills, and learn about the U.S. education system. These programs can be very helpful to Chinese students regarding making the important decision as to whether to come to the United States for high school and/or college.

Teachers from the schools in China typically accompany the students to the U.S. GSA will arrange meetings between the Chinese and American teachers to develop connections and to exchange ideas regarding the education systems in each country.

Students will spend half a day on English instruction, and half a day sightseeing and learning about American culture. The program includes visits to museums, important tourist sites, local events, high schools, and colleges. Programs may include trips to various U.S. cities, such as New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Programs may be customized to meet the schools’ needs and goals. 

Chinese schools interested in participating in this program should contact us for more information. Please click here.

American schools interested in participating in this program as an exchange program or regarding the rental of your facilities, please click here.

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