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A critical element to Global School Access’ success with fulfilling its mission is its strong and mutually beneficial relationships with its partner schools. GSA takes pride in learning about each school and its goals, and working together to help achieve them while ensuring the students grow academically, socially, and personally. GSA provides strong support to the schools throughout the entire process, at times helping schools develop and/or grow an international-student program.

GSA promotes its partner schools to families and educational institutions in other countries, and identifies international students who are a good fit for particular schools.

GSA partners with academically rigorous schools that teach values, offer many outside activities, and prepare students for college and the college-application process. GSA works to meet the needs of its partner schools, and assists with the interview, visa application, school application, and enrollment process, minimizing the administrative responsibilities of the school wherever possible.

GSA can provide English-proficiency test results should schools require that prior to considering the student for admission. All students are initially interviewed by GSA to ensure English proficiency is appropriate.

Schools benefit from both a diversity and financial perspective. GSA lets students know they will learn a great deal about the U.S. education system and American culture (or another country’s if the student chooses a high school outside America), and that they are expected to share their culture and traditions with the school, host family, and community. Two-way culture exchange is also beneficial for the schools and is an important part of the experience.

GSA arranges host families for students not attending a boarding school, for those schools who do not want to manage this aspect of the international-student experience.

GSA monitors students’ grades, and works with the school to provide additional help for the student should that become necessary.

GSA helps provide schools access to excellent students from outside the United States, and markets its partner schools internationally.

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